Color me sepia

How exciting! This week’s Diva challenge is perfect for me!

While teaching at MegaMeet last week, I asked my husband to pick up something I wanted for my Zentangle classes. He sent me a text message saying that he found it and “also something extra.” The extra he bought was a set of Micron Sepia pens for me to tangle with. I have been eyeing those since our holiday trip home. The beautiful thing is that he didn’t know that when he surprised me with them.

Or so he says. He is an astute man.

With the convention and classes are over, I told myself that the next Zentangle I create will use those new pens. This week’s challenge? Use sepia or the color brown!

I pulled out some old tangles I haven’t done in awhile. I’ve missed doing Dex, Eye-Wa, Ixorus…. I used some black in my tile just for the contrast. It’s an interesting look; I’m glad I added it to see the difference. Subtle. Just enough so.

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0 Responses to Color me sepia

  1. Annemarie Huijts, Holland says:

    Very lovely!

  2. ledenzer says:

    I love Ixorus and it gives a softness to your other grid work tangles. I also love that you used vines. The black contrast works perfectly!

  3. how intuitive he must be. i really like your leafy tangle. i will have to look it up.

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