Somewhere over the Zentangle

“I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that.”~Lauren Bacall, American actress

Today, I am mortal.

My friend, Jane, said that to me last week, the day after my birthday. “Good morning, mortal girl,” she said at breakfast. It was September 10, so the celebration was over. But at that time, the entire event–Birthday Weeks for Sweet Pea–was not over. There was still so much to celebrate. After this weekend in Pittsburgh…yep…now I am mortal.

But still, celebration is in my sites. The Diva’s weekly Zentangle Challenge is to use color. Color! My husband encourages…no, nudges…no, strongly suggests…no, he, well, he just really likes my color Zentangle art. I knew he would be delighted with this week. He needs a cheer, too; he is fighting some cough-cold thing. But jeez…where do I begin?


I was delighted to find another tile splashed with Lumiere leftovers. Not quite the vibrancy of last week’s tile, but I like the subtle play of the green with muted golden tones. I hope that softness shows up in the image. I think it’s a nice look against the unshaded ink.

Inspired by the subtlety and wanted to shade, I chose to do a second tile shaded in color. Again, I saw this idea somewhere on the Internet, and just fell in love with the play. For this tile, I used the colored pencil,the same one that I distribute to my students in my Color Me a Rainbow Zentangle class. I want to show them–and myself–that simple materials can yield such amazing results.


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  1. Annemarie says:

    I love the soft colors.

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