The moms in my life

Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”~ David Ogden Stiers, American actor

I’m totally exhausted today, just a complete zombie mush on the Lovesac. So a simple tribute to moms everywhere.


I’ll never forget Mom. When she was alive and I was deep into my memoir phase, I tape recorded stories that she told me. She answered questions in a book to save family history and thoughts and tales. Rather than write in the book, Mom wrote pages upon pages, front and back, on yellow-lined notepad paper. *silent gasp of wow* I took her encouragement of my writing and shared one of my favorite mom-ents together in Mom, Star Trek and Las Vegas: a Grand adventure, and I’m glad to have that memory. Do you have moments like that with your mom? I hope you do.

With her gone, I have another mom: my mother-in-law. Who says family is just blood?


Happy Mother’s Day.

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