Zentangle stripes on unique ephemera

“Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen, that stillness becomes a radiance.”~Morgan Freeman, American actor

Stripes. The first thing that comes to mind is the 1981 movie starring Bill Murray and Harold Ramis. Mom loved it, so we watched it every time it came on TV. I might actually own the…hold your breath…video cassette of it.

Now stripes is the theme of the Diva Zentangle Challenge #182. Me being persnickety–and loving that word!–I couldn’t draw just straight lines. Nope, they had to be wavy. Perhaps my new perm added to that inspiration.


Diva Challenge #182: Stripes, part one

I looked for tangles that didn’t quite work as a border but could be adapted into one. Rain was really the only one that worked in that aspect, but I had fun playing around with others that lent themselves more to a single straight line. I’m proudest of how Flukes turned out, that little grid snuggling in there between the rest.

That wasn’t enough for me once I went to a big-box home improvement store. I was picking up paint swatches for a project, and I expected the swatches to be thin strips. The ones I grabbed were actually chunky squares. If I was actually painting and needed that for an example, these would be great, but I wanted the other.


Diva Zentangle Challenge #182: Stripes, part two

However, applying Zentangle philosophy to this excursion and working with what I have, I realized that I could turn the squares into strips by cutting them in half and rounding the corners. There was the extra benefit that they are square-ish, slightly larger than a Zentangle tile, and perfect for a Zentangle Inspired Artwork. I chose a brown-tint swatch and tangled with a brown Sharpie. I left space around the color names so I’d remember them. I chose some comfort tangles and drew this quickly, still focusing on Zen but not worrying about shading or anything like that. I like the result: stripes in stripes.

Honestly, I would love to work for the company that comes up with these paint names. Jungle Trail. Miami Spice. Sesame Crunch. Royal Intrigue. Come on, what’s not love about that?

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0 Responses to Zentangle stripes on unique ephemera

  1. Lily says:

    Very nice tiles 🙂

  2. Jean Chaney says:

    Your tangles are all well done. Yes, the Flukes does make for a nice center. I have worked on the paint chips but found they smeared a lot. It doesn’t look like you had that problem and got a nicely colored ZIA out of it.

  3. Susan says:

    Nice, I like them both. I think your shading in the first one sort of melds them (the stripes) together.

  4. Annemarie says:

    Both are beautiful and I love your story around it.

  5. LonettA says:

    Both are wonderful! Great choice of tangles!

  6. Donald W says:

    Like your curvy stripes.

  7. dobriendesign says:

    Lovely job, I enjoy how your first starts organic and moves through to burst out as rain, very nice. Paint chips are fun they are a great surface to tangle on except for the smearing. Fun stuff!

  8. You are so smart – I love the paint strip tangle. And yes, I really want to know who names paint colors, and even more – who does the nail polish names for O.P.I.?

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