A month in review: thank you, Photo 365

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”~Albert Einstein, German physicist

I made art.  I was creative.

I played games.  I won and lost, but friendly competition. 

I earned 5000 coins in Word Science and 100,000 coins in Bejeweled Blitz. Doesn’t beat my one million mark, but none too shabby

I started a new job.  I was productive.


August 2014: coffee, games and being stylish

I visited new places: an apple orchard, a coffee shop.  I was adventurous.

I set new records in Foursquare.  I am happy because it is still working.  I was determined.

I received football tickets and a homemade breakfast tailgate.  I was Penn State proud!

I looked good with stylin’ clothes and a new ‘do.  I was pretty.

I taught Zentangle classes.  I was successful.

I traded text messages with my husband. He agreed that I was pretty. I was loved.

And that’s just what I saved in my Photo 365 app. There’s so much more.

What was your month like? Do share.

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