Our last day in Philly

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”~Joseph Campbell, American writer

This trip ended the way it began, with a Penn State game. The men’s basketball team played in New Jersey at the Rutgers Athletic Center. My husband surprised me with the tickets. After all, how could we miss seeing our team play at an away game that was near home?

This basketball game did not end up like last week’s Pinstripe Bowl (win!) nor like Rutgers’ Big Ten inaugural football game in September (win!).


Look at that cool blue flag in the background!

Still, it was fun. My husband could watch sports on TV all day long, but I prefer seeing sports live. The atmosphere, the sounds, even the smells make it a memorable experience. Not only that, this was an arena I had never been to before. I love the new. Turns out our seats were in a mini-Penn State section, and there were a lot of “We Are” chants throughout the game, especially towards the end. Penn State came back from a huge deficit to lose the game by only 4 points.


Penn State takes the court at the RAC

I also take comfort that Penn State was the more athletic team; their heads were just not in the game. They had many opportunities to pull ahead, but they didn’t take advantage of them. If Rutgers had been a good team, the score would have been embarrassing, not simply close.

The day was full of other fun things: another shopping trip to A.C. Moore; playing Yahtzee in a new-to-use Starbucks; and breakfast with the ‘rents. Tomorrow, we say goodbye to the puppy–and the ‘rents–and make our long drive back to Michigan. Good night.


The Happy Couple selfie #107,409

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