Pens, steak and squirrels, not necessarily in that #WeekendCoffeeShare order

If we were having coffee….

*yawn* Pardon me, I just woke up from a nap on the Lovesac. Go ahead, sink into the oversized adult beanbag while I get a cup of coffee. My day started too early subbing for someone at work, starting at 6:45am. People were just weird this morning, and then a woman gave me this red pen. It made my day.

Until you stopped by, of course.


Right-hand, mid-forefinger heals!

Good news: the doctor says my finger is healing as expected. I will still do exercises because even though the fracture has mostly healed, it could take up to a year for the swelling to completely disappear and my finger to heal. Have you ever broken anything? Let me tell you, this journey has been frustrating. I feel good, but then I wake one morning with swelling for no good reason, and then some days I can bend it well and some days it feels stiff and sore. I’m so happy I’m doing well, but it’s frustrating. I have no control, and that’s really annoying.

What’s not annoying to me is the latest Geico TV commercial with the squirrels. Have you seen it? A mother is talking to her son about squirrels being back in the attic and the father’s decision to not call the exterminator. “He says it’s personal this time.” I love that line! Wherever I’ve lived, from my childhood home to my dorms and apartments, I’ve always lived on the top floor. Because of that, I’ve always heard rooftop noise, be that puddling rain or curious scamperings. My first night in one New Jersey apartment, I wrote a poem about that for my Journal Club. It made me feel not so alone. Anyway, back to the point, I hear those same scrabblings in our house here. Do you hear anything? It could just be me, but I wonder if I have squirrels, like Mom and I always wondered if that strange light in the sky was an airplane or a UFO. We were always disappointed.


Did you do anything for Paczki Day–or Fat Tuesday, as it is known everywhere outside of Michigan? Here the big thing is basically stuffed donuts, I guess like beignets for Mardi Gras. This year, I got a mix of flavors from Busch’s up on 5 Mile. Last year, we got “authentic” ones from Dearborn through the local corner market up the street. Mangos Fruit Market closed in September, and I miss the fresh lettuce, local pastries and the homemade turkey chili. We could use some of that today.

Enough about food. I’ve got to get ready for dinner tonight. My husband is taking me out for dinner to Morton’s Steakhouse. We’ve never been, and I have to find an outfit that is both classy–just because I like dressing up–and practical, because the parking lot might be a little icy. Let’s catch up again next week.

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9 Responses to Pens, steak and squirrels, not necessarily in that #WeekendCoffeeShare order

  1. Arlee Bird says:

    Haven’t seen the Geico squirrel commercial yet, but they sure to make a lot of commercials with most being quite entertaining. I swear they must spend every profit on commercials.

    Now pass me one of those doughnuts, please.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    • D.W. Hirsch says:

      My first reply to you got wiped out…just as well that i can be briefer now.

      Unfortunately, Packzi (pronounced “punch-key”) only come out once a year. Come back next year and I’ll get you one…or two…or a dozen….

      Gooogle “Geico squirrels commercial” and watch the background. The little subtleties make the commercial outstanding, reminded me what can be accomolshed as a writer with just a tweak.

    • D.W. Hirsch says:

      Passing donut/paczki:
      *tosses pastry, throwing like a girl*

  2. Tina says:

    Out here in Berks County, PA, Fat Tuesday is known as Faschnaut Day! Has anyone else heard of this?

  3. Robin says:

    I so miss paczkis. We had them in northeast Ohio when I lived there. They don’t have them here on the Eastern Shore (Maryland) that I know of and we’ve looked. I haven’t seen the squirrel commercial. I’ll look for it. Hope your finger continues to heal well.

    • D.W. Hirsch says:

      Thanks for the wishes on my finger. I think at times i should create a video of my finger flexibility. 🙂 Growing up in Pittsburgh, the bigger deal was a New Years Pretzel, a sweet dough frosted pastry in the shape of a pretzel and the size of at least a sheet of paper. Its worth a trip for just that, as is the youtube link to the squirrel commercial. I stop what I’m doing when i hear the guns and helicopters.

    • D.W. Hirsch says:

      I grew up in Pittsburgh where New Year’s Eve Pretzels were my tradition–it was a sweet dough, iced and with or without nuts–and I have failed in my attempt to find or recreate here in MI. Next year, I’ll have one for you. *clink, clink…or chew, chew* My finger’s doing well, thanks for asking.

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