A new blog, an anniversary and #AtoZChallenge

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”~Oprah Winfrey, American entertainer
WELCOME to My First Official Post here on dwhirsch.com


It’s official: my website is self-hosted.
It’s exciting!

This is a process I hope never to repeat. If you’ve ever has aspirations to self-host your site, stay tuned for my in-depth blog series of my thoughts, expenses and experiences. Quite an…adventure.

It’s also my anniversary! On April 22, 2010, I created my WolfHowlings blog in the media room of the Canton Public Library in Michigan. I had just stepped away from my full-time job to focus on a more worthwhile venture: my writing. It was a two-hour class using WordPress as the template. Click here, type there and poof! my free website was created. The hardest part was choosing a name. My maiden name is Wolf, and when I started using aol for email, I created a distribution list of important people. I called that list My Wolf Pack. My website is an extension of me, and while “Wolf” was a cruel name for schoolyard taunts, it’s a name I’m proud of today, which made “Wolf Howlings” the ideal name.

Besides, I couldn’t think of anything else. The instructor was moving on to the next step, and I was on the spot and under pressure.

I think it’s appropriate to send that up as my link for the Throwback Thursday Party bloghop. But I’m linking it here to my new blog.

April 22, 2010:  White

Looking back, looking forward. Even the post is appropriate for that thought.

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2 Responses to A new blog, an anniversary and #AtoZChallenge

  1. Al Lane says:

    Welcome to the world of self-hosting! Look forward to reading your forthcoming posts on this too 🙂

    • Thanks! The little green reader/follow button…thats one thing I didn’t think of or don’t see. It’s something to try and see if that function works. I’d expect so, but then it took me about an hour to find where the share/like buttons were, and another 30 mins tweaking it to make sure everything displayed right. Oh, to be a pioneer.

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