Understanding and updating: an #AtoZChallenge post

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”~Helen Keller, American writer
Today’s Alphabet Haiku is sponsored by The Letter U.

It’s “U” already? What the heck? How in the world did that happen? I’m catching up–both this year and those remaining from 2015–and still feel so behind. I miss reading and exploring all the blogs I found. I’m rethinking my approach for next year.


Oh, I can blame it on the website. Right? It’s not just an excuse. Right? Let’s face reality: it is and it isn’t. It’s been my choice what to focus on. Right.

As such, my ROW80 goals are kinda a reminda’ that I’m doing some things.
1–Complete migrating this WordPress blog to the self-hosted one.
1–Redesign new/old website for launch Thurs, April 21; soft launch to my writers group and others Tues, April 19.
I made it in time for the Rochester Writers Spring Conference on April 23, but some pages are still sloppy.  Which brings me to…

5–Update one thing on my blog each week.
Postponed last week, but now re-goaled.  Something to work on, or at least think about.  What’s most important?

2–New business cards.
They are cute.  They are professional.  There’s a picture of a coffee cup on them.  They are me.

3–Complete AtoZ Challenge posts for 2016 AND 2015.
Ugh.  See first paragraph above.

4–Catch up and keep up with email.
I got into the email frenzy last week, and I’m now in the triple digits, and I want to keep it that way.  So far, it’s been going well, even if I’m not at my initial 10-25/day goal. 

6–Complete all blog/social media planner sheets for Happy Planner.
I haven’t made the time for this…but I have made time to watch planning YouTube videos.  I’ll take a cue from my blog goals: update one per week.  Any something moves me forward. 

7–Schedule social media.
I’ve got some great ideas, so Goal #6 is pertinent to this. See above re: planning planner sheets. I’m thinking on that, meditative reflection with coffee and tea nearby.

9–Put away holiday decorations: 1-2 boxes/week.
Haven’t yet, but with a houseguest the first week of May, it’s time for the Christmas tree to come down.  (You think I’m joking…?)

10–Call family members at least once a week.

12–Continue writing letters.
I’m doing this, and I keep being inspired by Write_On campaign.

BONUS: Write for fun. Y’know, just play with words.
Haven’t done that yet, but with everything else, I’m okay with that.


 8–Schedule time to write/edit/promote my two current WIP: My Father, My Friend and Jimmy the Burglar: Thief of Socks.
Postponing until May, after the April blog nonsense is over and some planning items are complete.  Things needed to fall together in an order, and that’s smoothing out.

11–Contact 2-5 potential editors.
Yep, pushing this off until May when I’ll start with my Alaska contact and Fiverr.

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4 Responses to Understanding and updating: an #AtoZChallenge post

  1. Hello D.W.
    I’m visiting from the A to Z challenge.

    Lots of wonderful energy here at your place.
    That’s quite a hectic schedule you have going…but it seems like you’re on top of it… 🙂
    Haiku? I love my haiku…did you post one every day? I’ll have to stalk your blog after the challenge. So many great blogs…so little time. *sighs*
    Writing letters? I love long hand!! I’ll have to check out the Write On campaign.

    Writer In Transit

    • Hi there! Glad to see you from AtoZ. I have haiku’d everyday…except the letters I missed posting for whatever my reasons. I need to migrate those posts over from former site WolfHowlings to this new, self-hosted one.

      If you adore writing letters, then Write_On is SO for you! I haven’t done a letter a day, but I have spread my share of handwritten joy this month. Hope you do, too.

      I’ll pop on over to see you, if I haven’t already. 🙂

  2. tmycann says:

    I know how those blog migrations can eat up time… and the A to Z challenge is… challenging. So the fact that you managed both those things… I tip my hat to you. 🙂
    Good luck with moving forward on the rest of your goals.

    • Thank you, thank you! Having just posted my Reflections post, I can’t say I feel all that successful, nor do I feel unsuccessful. Encouraging words like yours make me look back on those currently-blank letter days and breathe easier and let go.

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